How does WiFizer work?

There are three entities: users, groups, and files. Users are authorized devices that access the server. A User can be a member of one or more groups. A File can be shared with one or more groups. For example, a file shared with a group called "Family" can be accessed by all members of the "Family" group.

How to start/stop server?

In the Server screen. Tap on the monitor icon to turn server On or Off

How to share files?

To share files, open an app such as "Gallery" or "My Files". From there, select the files to share, click on the share option, and choose "WiFizer" from the presented list. WiFizer will open with a dialog where you can select the groups you want to share the files with.

How to add new users?

When your WiFizer server is on and a new user connects to you, you will get a notification in the notification bar. Tapping on this notification will take you to a screen where you can do one of the following:

  • Add — authorizes the device to access your WiFizer server
  • Refuse — refuses the current request
  • Block — refuses the current request and blocks any future attempt to connect to your WiFizer server

When a new user is trying to connect to your WiFizer server, the ID of this user is displayed on both of the devices. Please verify the identity of the connecting user by ensuring that the IDs match. This is to be sure you are allowing access to the right person.

Example: Tom is trying to connect to Bob.

On Tom's device:

On Bob's device:

How to block users?

Simply tap on the user. Now, select "block user".

  • If this user is currently accessing your WiFizer server, the user's connection will be dropped upon blocking
  • Blocked users are not able to access your WiFizer server at all
  • Blocked users appear in the user screen with a blocked icon
  • Blocked users still appear in the groups that they are a member of
  • Blocked users can be unblocked by tapping on "unblock user"

How to add/remove users of groups?

This can be done in two ways:

From your list of users, tap on a user and then select "Edit groups". You can then select/unselect the checkboxes to indicate which groups this user belongs to.

The other option is to go through your group list. Tap on a group, select "Edit users", and select the users you want in that group.

How to share/unshare files with groups?

Select the file(s)

Select "Edit groups"

Select the groups you want the file(s) to be shared with.

How to share when there is no wireless network around?

When there is no wireless network around, WiFizer can be used over a device's built-in wireless access point (hotspot). Please note that WiFizer is NOT a hotspot enabler app. Instead, WiFizer utilizes wireless networks to share files.